Supplementary Booklets
In addition to the course books used in the NEU English Prepatory School, Inhouse booklets , compiled by accomplished and experienced NEU English Prepatory School teachers are also offered to the use of students.

Students in the NEU English Prepatory School are grouped into two ; Health sciences (Pharmacy,Medicine and dentistry) and General English Groups. To this respect , the inhouse booklets for Health sciences groups include ESP materials whereas The supplementary booklets for General English Groups include materials which  meet the needs for the general English competency required for the related faculties.

Health Sciences
The Inhouse booklets are intended for the use of Health sciences Groups , NEU English Prepatory School, and have been prepared carefully, taking into account of the needs and the level of the students.

Usage, Grammar and Everyday Vocabulary Booklet comprises materials that help to develop vocabulary, complement and support the grammar in the course books. Reading Booklet promotes the gradual development of Reading Skills and the Scientific Vocabulary Booklet teaches academic and scientific vocabulary through science-based reading passages.

Understanding the lectures while listening is extremely important for the students in the Medical Faculty therefore Listening and Speaking Booklet focuses on exercises that aim to develop Listening Skills; and to increase confidence in speaking.

General English Groups
The inhouse booklets which aim to support the needs of students in General English groups include materials which support everday English, Exam Practice questions and academic needs .( mainly academic reading , academic writing and academic listening )