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About Us

Director’s Message

Greetings and a warm welcome to NEU English Preparatory School.

In this era of globalization of education our main  focus is on the quality of education we offer to our students. As the role of English language both in our social and academic lives is huge, we are doing our best to offer the best opportunities to our students.We make sure that our students feel  it is worth putting all the time, effort and energy into learning English .

During your  education at NEU English Preparatory School you will be following a learning programme designed based on the principles of CEFR, 21 st century  skills and topics. We make sure that analytical thinking, critical thinking, collaboration, communication and creativity are infused in our learning programme.

We believe the needs of each learner is different and by following  a learner centered approach we aim to contribute to each student’s needs. We are proud to say that with the help of most advanced  platforms, our programme can be tailored to the individual needs of the students.

It is also deemed important for us  to raise awareness on global issues and social responsibilities as global citizens. We are an environmentally friendly school and we are doing our best to raise awareness on environmental health. Our staff demonstrates good examples of social responsibility  in many extracurricular activities.

When you graduate from NEU English Preparatory School, along with your English Language Level   your analytical skills ,critical skills will  improve.Besides, you will  become a better version of yourself regarding your responsibilities as a global citizen.



The beginning of the establishment of NEU goes back to 1988. The roots of the university was first established in the Evkaf Buildings located around Arasta region at the city center, and the English Preparatory School was its first department.

Significant advances both in academic and physical terms have been made throughout the 31 years that passed since the establishment of the university. The first significant attempt was to move the university to its present location which was a deserted place before the establishment of campus. Then, within a short while, the university made significant advances and the campus developed so that the deserted land turned into a small educational city. The English Preparatory School also made advances in accordance with the developments and needs of the university.

In 1993, in parallel to the increasing number of students and academic needs, the Education Palace which is an exceptionally well designed modern complex was built and English Preparatory School started to carry out its studies at this complex.

The developments of the university in physical terms have led to parallel developments in quality of education. Near East Preparatory School can provide education and certificates from A1 to C2 levels within the framework of CEFR.

Along with the rise in the number of students, in 2016 Faculty English Programme unit was founded in order to provide courses for the students in their departments.