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The beginning of the establishment of NEU goes back to 1988. The roots of the university was first established in the Evkaf Buildings located around Arasta region at the city center, and the English Preparatory School was its first department.

Significant advances both in academic and physical terms have been made throughout the 31 years that passed since the establishment of the university. The first significant attempt was to move the university to its present location which was a deserted place before the establishment of campus. Then, within a short while, the university made significant advances and the campus developed so that the deserted land turned into a small educational city. The English Preparatory School also made advances in accordance with the developments and needs of the university.

In 1993, in parallel to the increasing number of students and academic needs, the Education Palace which is an exceptionally well designed modern complex was built and English Preparatory School started to carry out its studies at this complex.

The developments of the university in physical terms have led to parallel developments in quality of education. Near East Preparatory School can provide education and certificates from A1 to C2 levels within the framework of CEFR.

Along with the rise in the number of students, in 2016 Faculty English Programme unit was founded in order to provide courses for the students in their departments.

Academic Staff

The administration of the NEU English Preparatory School attributes importance to the fact that the lecturers have high-level professional skills.

At the NEU English Preparatory School, a total of 20 lecturers, some of whom are native English speakers, are experienced in their field and follow up-to-date professional developments. In order to support the multicultural student profile within the English Preparatory School, we included instructors who are proficient in Arabic, Russian and French as well as English in our staff. We are proud that our teaching staff immediately completed all their preparations during the pandemic period and effectively delivered their online lessons using the latest technology ensuring that our students continued their education in the best possible way.



The mission of the English Preparatory School is providing the students with a linguistic background in English so that they can cope with their departmental studies that are conducted in English, and make them familiar with the concepts and disciplinary terms of the university as well as gaining insight about the requirements of academic life.



The vision of the university is based on contributing to the educational life of students by offering the highest possible quality in education, using the latest educational equipment and materials, developing the students’  insight about the role and importance of quality in educational facilities, and training students in order to be able to use the language skills successfully.


Aims and Objectives

Training students to be able to use all language skills effectively and improve students’ knowledge about the linguistics of the language.

Improving students’ language skills and knowledge to be able to cope with their departmental studies.

Improving quality of education in accordance with international standards of language teaching and reducing the number of students in each language classroom so that language training can be given in the most effective way.

Providing students with opportunities to reach materials and guidance needed during their language learning process.


Strong sides of EPS

  • Sufficient amount of materials are available for both teachers and students.
  • Strong ties, which are based on respect and sincerity, have been established between administration, teachers and students.
  • The feeling of team spirit is at the highest level and as a result of this, the studies are carried out effectively and successfully.
  • Language skills are taught especially in accordance with the requirements of courses and each language skill is separately taught by a different teacher.
  • Progress of each student is monitored carefully during the studies.
  • Teachers are provided with continuous career trainings to keep updated related with the new trends in ELT.